Modern-day heroes

People need and seek out role models. And the offer has never been as great as in our globally networked, fast-paced world!
But how can we identify role models who can actually support and enrich our lives in the long-term?

The media is constantly bombarding us with athletes, musicians, actors, models and all kinds of other heroes: these are individuals in the spotlight who fill the pages of glossy magazines and adorn the walls of children.

They are lively and active and embody the current perception of ‘beautiful’ as well as possessing the freedoms and luxuries we would all like to have.
Yet despite this: most of these role models come and go – they are little more than just a fashion trend.

So what should we do? How can we find role models to last a lifetime? How can we become an inspiration to others? And what defines such people?

These are often the people who have a long-term impact on us and who have a deep-seated desire to be useful and make their dreams a reality, whatever the obstacles to be overcome.