Report on experiences of assisted living

It was shortly after my first assistance planning meeting that I met Mr. Götz, who was responsible for me from that point on. I had a few difficulties with planning and tackling my days, from running the house to making appointments. At that time, I was living in a 2-storey apartment where cleanliness and organisation were not a top priority. When Mr. Götz began to vacuum my carpet ‘to show how it’s done’, I was very surprised. Of course, I know how to operate a vacuum cleaner; I just didn’t have the motivation. Mr. Götz has always tried to motivate me to do the less pleasant tasks, such as calling my employee union, using a dose of good humour. And when I just couldn’t do it, he would do it for me. Most of the time, we did the most difficult tasks together and now I can do it all on my own. I have been living in a small 1-room apartment for a year and I no longer need any motivational boost to do the chores. In July 2010, I successfully passed by vocational diploma (Facharbitur) with an excellent mark overall. I’ve never had such a good report!

In around 3 ½ years, I’ve taken a massive step forward in development and this would not have been possible without the assisted living scheme. My impression of the Leuchtfeuer Foundation is positive in every respect. I’ve met some really nice people there who have put themselves out for me and looked after me. From time to time, I was also invited out for a coffee, which was great. Special thanks go to Ms Korn, Mr. Götz and Ms Schneider for helping my life to take off. – Ms Q.