The Leuchtfeuer Foundation creates networks which take account of changes in the assistance process and guarantee continuity of supervision through consultations with children, young people and their families as well as offering flexible outpatient assistance, social education communities, time-out options and much more.

The Leuchtfeuer  Foundation employees are not alone in their battle. They cooperate at a regional level and with various different sites and fields. In difficult cases, each and every employee has access to a vast pool of experience including all concerned. This optimises the chance of resolving a crisis and ensures the success of measures through the educational and organisational network.

By cooperating with other parties involved in the same field, we can achieve solutions which we could not manage alone.

Quality assurance:

  • Needs-oriented deployment of staff
  • Multi-professional teams with different educational training
  • Regular supervision
  • Colleague-based advice with cases to broaden perspectives and bring new impulses
  • Regular further training
  • Professional management structure
  • The Foundation has signed up to the voluntary declarations of the German Association for Experiential Education and of the Rheinland Youth Welfare Office to ensure the implementation of quality standards. Its services exceed the requirements of these standards.