Systematic family work

While social education work to date has involved a significant involvement with the children and young people being cared for, offering them help with overcoming crisis and conflict situations, the entire family and the family’s behaviour is addressed as part of the systematic family work undertaken during inpatient projects and flexible assistance work.

New methods of implementing possible changes are sought within the family, including all those involved. There is therefore a shift from a linear–causal approach to a circular-systematic approach in order to switch from the partisan view, where the focus is on the child (‘the child’ is ‘the problem’), to a view of the ‘family as a system’.

The parents are regarded as people who have done the best they could for the child at that time, although this may not always be the best thing for the child. A systematic view of the difficulties of the child is developed in order to understand the meaning and function of the child’s behaviour and to select an approach which takes this into account.

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