‘time out’ measures

We work to defuse difficult circumstances with the aid of a ‘time out’ for young people in acute crisis situations.
The aim of this ‘time out’ is to calm the current situation and generate new perspectives. We have experienced and competent education workers on hand to intervene in crisis situations who are selected according to the particular features of each individual case.

Appropriate offer and crisis intervention

The Leuchtfeuer Foundation immediately develops an appropriate setting for the crisis situation. In our experience, travel projects bring some excellent results and help take young people and their surroundings out of this acute crisis situation. The young people can take some time out away from familiar habits while being integrated within new structures. Thanks to this new way of life which is not linked to a fixed location, the supporting care worker quickly becomes a key confidant for the young person.

The spatial and personal distance from the current setting creates new space in which to confront the situation.

Direct consultation on-site

A coordinator from the Leuchtfeuer Foundation will be with you on-site within 24 hours of making an allocation enquiry. The travel project will usually be planned for a period of 4 to 12 weeks.

The clearing process ends with the carer helping the young person to make the transition to a new model of supervision or returning to the parental home or to the ‘old’ system yet with new impulses.

The following clearing goals are pursued:

  • Calming of the acute crisis as a starting point for new solutions
  • Description of individual perspectives: how can the situation continue with the child/ young person?
  • Consultation and support with returning to the ‘old’ system
  • Consultation and support with the clearing process

    Adapted assistance from one point

    The duration of a time out period is always determined on an individual basis. Intensive work often results in inpatient or outpatient follow-up measures being possible. Depending on the experience gained during this intensive project, these follow-up measures may take place within one of the Leuchtfeuer networks. A detailed handover process takes place in addition to informative documentation on the measures concerned.

    Prompt documentation and reporting

    During the time out period, you will receive regular information about how the measures are progressing. In most cases, these offers are worth considering for individual young people.

    It’s important to emphasise that this form of time out relates to short-term measures whereby you are responsible for the ongoing assistance plan process.

    The target group comprises children and young people from approx. 12 years of age within the framework of § 35 of the Child and Youth Services Act (KJHG).
    The offer is aimed at:

    • Child and adolescent psychiatrists
    • Youth welfare offices
    • Youth welfare institutions

    Should you have any further queries, please contact one of the coordinators for inpatient projects.