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Tuletorn Project

We have had an office in Estonia since 2000. The Tuletorn Project is an independent legal entity. The Education Manager Meeli Salström has developed a multi-professional team who tackle the educational challenges they face in a highly motivated manner. The carers on-site are Estonian education workers who also speak German.

“I have visited some of the Leuchtfeuer projects in Estonia. Difficult young people can feel free from constraint here. Instead of making life difficult for themselves or others, they can learn to do something productive for themselves or others… Educational theory has always included the issue of the ‘distant location’. Experiential education, such as that practised by the Leuchtfeuer Foundation abroad, is a successful model which places personal new beginnings at its centre”.

Prof. Hansjosef Buchkremer, Manager of the International Institute for Individual Education (IIIP) in Cologne.

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