Flexible assistance on-site

The Leuchtfeuer Foundation has been a fixed feature on the child and youth welfare scene for many years when it comes to providing outpatient care – so-called flexible assistance – in Cologne. The assistance developed and implemented by the Leuchtfeuer Foundation enables us to meet the growing demand for lifestyle-oriented youth welfare measures. As part of our regional approach, we now also have an office in Erfurt as well as Meckenheim and Cologne which works closely and intensively with the local youth welfare office to develop appropriate assistance on-site. The Leuchtfeuer Foundation has therefore become an established fixture in the world of youth welfare.

We focus on targets and solutions

The objective of our work is to establish a comprehensive care offer focusing on targets and solutions. With the support of the carers, the young people learn to develop fundamental life skills according to their level of development and receive support with school visits and career guidance. The employees do not describe the young people as ‘displaying behavioural problems’ but rather observe their behaviour in relation to the expectations of their parents and society.