Being ‘at home’ – assisted living

The Foundation has been licensed by the Landschaftsverband Rheinland regional association (as the competent supervisory authority) to provide out-patient care to mentally and physically disabled patients in accordance with the Social Security Code §§ 53/54 SGB XII. We work in close cooperation with psychiatric and psycho-social institutions operating in the field relevant to the individuals in question. By applying our measures, we aim to ensure that patients can stay within their own living environment.

In particular, we offer care and support to enable patients to live or return to living independently in their own apartment and as part of a regulated daily routine. As a long-term provider of youth welfare services, we have expertise in caring for disabled parents with children. The parents receive qualified assistance to support them in accordance with their particular needs

This assistance ‘from one point’ is complemented by additional services in outpatient assisted living. We employ people with a wide range of professional qualifications and training and a high level of personal social expertise. Access to a wide range of methods is of crucial importance to the success of our work. In addition to our individual education approach, we also work with systematic and social area-oriented viewpoints and methods. These make a considerable contribution to the effectiveness of our work.

The duration and intensity of the approach are treated on an individual basis and adapted to requirements in the assistance plan. Interested? Contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

Patrick Frings | Assisted Living Coordinator